Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday! I haven't posted in a while since the past few weeks have been CRAZY!
Today marks one week since my newest nephew, Quinn Jo Zimmerman, was born. Just like the rest of the family, I already love him SO MUCH! He is such a sweet baby for a wonderful family.

Unfortunately, Quinn's dad, Mitch, left on Wednesday to start his deployment to Afghanistan. Mitch is in Mississippi doing his basic training and will leave in early January for Afghanistan. Heather, the loving wife and mother, is home taking care of four perfect boys, Lance, Wyatt, Kade and Quinn. My goal this next year is to visit and help Heather out as much as I can. Take a look at this beautiful family!

The newest Zimmerman, Quinn :)
Kade saying hello to his new baby brother! I love this pic!
Kade giving his momma some lovin'!
The Zimmerman boys! Wyatt holding Quinn and Lance holding Kade. Aren't they handsome!?
and my favorite picture of all! Heather had Quinn's newborn pics taken right before Mitch left and the photographer snapped this amazing and heartfelt picture. I love it so much.

This is one amazing and strong family. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers during this tough time. We love you guys!

Have a great Friday and cherish each and every person around you!

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