Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Danielle still has a blog?? Bling-Bling link up!


So the only reason why I am blogging after a month-long hiatus is to show of my ring bling! This is the best gift I’ve ever received! Here is a little bit of a back story on this pretty little thing on my left ring finger….
So I had absotutely*, no stinkin' idea that Jason was even thinking about proposing to me when he did! We discussed that I had to wait for him to pop the big ? until after he finished law school! Which is not until 2013! Ahh, talk about surprise!  Yes, we talked about getting married and all of the important questions potentially engaged couples need to talk about before getting engaged (cough, Kim K.) but one thing we never discussed was the bling!  I think the main reason we never discussed it was because Jason already had the ring!
After Jason’s mom passed away, his grandma decided to buy him some diamonds for Jason to give to his future wife since Jason’s sisters got his mother’s jewelry. Jason decided that I was the lucky girl he was going to give those purtty diamonds to! I not only love this ring because Jason gave it to me but also because it also comes from a very special lady to both of us and because Jason got to design the ring himself! So pretty much, I have a one of a kind, never replicated ring. (Not sure how true that last statement is considering I’ve seen rings like mine but never one exactly like it. There might be one out there though!) Also, Jason was able to use some of the diamonds in his band which is great!
So much meaning behind the ring bling! Love it. So without further ado…here is the BLING!
they're hiding in the wedding bouquet ha!

both of our rings!

We’re I’m hoping to add another band for a special anniversary….so I’ll update you all in 10 years…(hint…Jason….hint)
So there you have it! The bling that keeps my left ring finger warm and symbolizes the love and commitment Jason and I have for each other.
Thanks for reading! (pretty much just my bff, Megan who already knows all about my ring lol J )

*absotutely is a Parks & Rec reference. I know the word is supposed to be “absolutely”. Please don’t think I’m an uneducated idiot. Thanks.

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