Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby! He *might* be reading this so here are 24 reasons why I love my Jason!
1.       He is a very caring individual. Not just to me or our friends and family, but to everyone he meets.
2.       He makes me laugh.all.the.time.
3.       He sings karaoke and doesn’t care if he’s the only one singing or in a room of 500 people. He loves it and I love that he loves it.
4.       He never makes me take the trash out. What a gentleman.
5.       He always takes Hannah out to potty at night. He’s protective and my safety is his #1 concern
6.       He dances to the beat of his own drum. I love how he is an individual and doesn’t care what people think of him.
7.       He loves animals and I swear he wants to have Noah’s Ark someday.
8.       He values life moments over money and materialistic things
9.       He appreciates the little things I do for him like making him a simple cup of coffee or waking up early on his bday just to make chocolate chip waffles J
10.   He makes funny Hannah voices with me
11.   He lets me have nights where I just veg on the couch while he cooks dinner
12.   He knows me inside and out. He can tell when I’m mad, sad and even better, he can tell the difference between the two without me even saying a full sentence.
13.   He grabs my hand and holds it for no particular reason
14.   He is weird and so am I. Being normal is boring anyways.
15.   He’s not afraid to put me in my place when I’m being a brat. And he does it in a nice way. Hey, someone needs to bring me back down to earth when I get too wacky.
16.   His sisters are two of the most important people in his life and he loves them to death.
17.   He loves and understands how important my family is to me.
18.   He is going to make the most wonderful daddy someday.
19.   He sometimes sacrifices getting his choice of food at the grocery store to satisfy my picky tastes (ok, I’m working on expanding my taste pallet)
20.   We love all of the same TV shows, give or take a few. (He hates the Real Housewives of anywhere…I love them. He loves Walking Dead…it scares the bageezies out of me)
21.   We both do our share of the house chores. And sometimes I even come home to a clean kitchen without having to even ask <3
22.   He loves the Browns and the Buckeyes! Yay for football! But he also doesn’t let football take over the entire TV schedule on the weekends.
23.   He has great taste in music and has introduced me to so many great bands.
24.   We have so many dreams, ideas, and goals for our future together. I can’t wait to celebrate many, many more birthdays as husband and wife.
So Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend. I love you with my whole heart and soul. Have a great day, Schweets!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Very Furry Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and I don't know about you, but it has totally snuck up on me this year! Seems like just yesterday I was Spongebob, Jason was Shrek, and Nanner was a Banana Split:

See?? :)

Anyways, one of my favorite things about Halloween is dressing up your furry friend! Hannah's costume is TBD but here are a few HILARIOUS costumes to consider:
and finally....

I hope you all enjoyed looking at these as much as I liked posting them! What are you going to dress your furry friends up for Halloween??

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding!

I am horrible at blogging but Megan (my PIC) called me out on it so I'm going to make this post alllll about her and her new hubby!

October 1, 2011, Megan Robideau became the new Megan O'Dell!! Woo-hoo! I couldn't wait for the big day and I must say, it was pretty perfect! Megan and Kevin are a beautiful pair but nothing could compare with how they looked on their wedding day!

We started out the wedding weekend with getting our nails done on Friday and then the rehearsal and dinner at Barcelona.
some of the bridesmaids with the bride-to-be! LOVE these ladies
The bride and groom-to-be!

Next up: The big day! We started out the morning pretty early. Hair, make-up, steaming the dresses, etc. there was quite a bit to do before Megan was ready (physically ready, she was mentally ready for years ;) )!
Pre-hair and make-up!

Megan's sis and MOH did our make-up. She has the most amazing make-up collection and did a fab job!

Before the DRESS! I wish I could have gotten a pic of the back of Megan's hair. It was amazing!
The b-maids with the bride before heading to the church!

and there's the bride! all ready to go :)

The Ceremony: The ceremony was really nice! I am not Catholic so some of the traditions were very new to me but the Priest was really great and everything went perfect!

Megan was absolutely radiant walking down the aisle.

I really liked how Megan and Kevin said their vows and exchanged rings facing everyone. It was a great way for all of their friends and family to see their love and expressions while making the most important promise of their lives.


The Reception! The reception was beautiful. The centerpieces were amazing and the cake was absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention, there was a photobooth for all guests to enjoy :)

Two of the centerpieces and the cake!

Some photobooth fun!
Megan and Kevin had some choreograph their first dance and it was awesome!

The Bride and me! Dragon and NightHawk :)

Me and the hubby were honored to be apart of their big day!
It was quite the party that night! The room with filled with love and laughs!
Even the pups were pooped after the wedding weekend!

There you have it! My best friend is off the market and is now a married woman! This is just a small look into the wonderful weekend that went too fast! I wish nothing but the best for the newlyweds and I can't wait to see their life together continue to grow and strengthen. 
October 1, 2011 <3

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