Mr + Mrs Jason Wagner

The day I became Mrs Wagner was magical. As a girl, my wedding day has been something I have thought about ever since I could remember. The dress, the shoes, the father/daughter dance, the get the point. One thing I never really imagined was the groom which is good because I could never have dreamed of someone as perfect for me as Jason (sappy huh?) Anyways, the day was perfect. Perfect dress, perfect shoes, and the most perfect groom I could have ever imagined. Here are some pictures from that perfect, July 9, 2011 day....

The Hair:  

I wanted something that wasn't tight to my head and made it look like I actually had thick hair. I would say the hairdresser accomplished my vision. The hair accessory was probably one of my favorite parts about my wedding look. It was so beautiful. Now I just need to find another place to wear it ;)

The Dress: 

It was simple with just a little bit of detail below the bust. I also really like the top of the dress because it added something a little different. The back of the dress had beading that lined the corset back. The train was longer than I thought I would have chosen but I ended up really liking it. It gave me the "I'm a Bride" feeling that I had always hoped for when when wearing my wedding dress. Long wedding dress + July wedding = hot bride. The last picture is of me cooling myself down right before I took that much awaited walk down the aisle. It was hot!!!

The gift exchange:
Jason and I decided to give each other our wedding gifts right before the "I Do's". Jason got me beautiful pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. I love pearls and have been wanting some for a long time now. What better time to get them then for our wedding! I got Jason a pocket watch with his mother's picture in it. Jason's beautiful mother passed away and even though I know she was there in spirit, I wanted him to have a piece of her that was physically there. He carried this pocket watch with him all day :-)

The groom:
He is so handsome ;) The photographer got a great shot of Jason as I make my way down the aisle.
The Ceremony:

The ceremony was my favorite part of the entire day! I have to be honest, I was so relaxed all day until right before those doors opened. I got so many butterflies in my stomach and I didn't think my legs would be able to stop shaking enough to get my down that aisle and to my husband. Luckily, I had my dad there to guide me down the aisle and my husband there to take my hand. It is one of the most special moments to have two of the most important men there to guide and hold me. We got married in the church I grew up in and one of the most amazing people I have ever met gave us the honor of marrying us. Pastor Jen is a truly special person. She has been a mentor of mine since I met her in high school and made our wedding day everything we could have hoped for. The message was personal, filled with love, and was the most special moment of my life thus far. Her words filled the sanctuary with love, hope, kindness, and faith. It was magical. Thank you, Pastor Jen.

The Bridesmaids:

 The bridal party was made up of family, friends from home and friends from Otterbein. So how did this color combo come about you ask?? favorite color is yellow but I decided not to make 8 girls, with very different skin tones and hair colors wear that. I think yellow can be a hard color for some people to wear and 8 girls in yellow would be quite the bright sight up on the alter! We decided to make yellow our accent color and this blue would be the main dress color. I fell more and more in love with this blue each time I saw it. I think the colors really pop and look good on each and every girl.

Had to add this picture of me and my mom! I could not have planned this wedding without her! It was such a great experience and brought us even closer together. Thanks for making our day so perfect, mom!

The Groomsmen:

For the guys, we wanted to do something a little different than the traditional black tux. We picked out these grey ones and I thought the blue really popped under the grey. All of the guys looked really handsome!


Mr and Mrs Wagner...:

Wedding Party: 
Aren't they a great looking group of people?!?

The First Dance:
We chose Adele's "Make You Feel My Love" as our first dance. We had never danced to the song before because we wanted to save it for that day. I thought we would feel awkward just swaying back and forth but I felt like we were the only people in the room. It was our moment to be alone. No interruptions, just us on the dance floor, together, as husband and wife. It was wonderful. If you have never listened to that song, I strongly advise you to. It is a beautiful song.

The Celebration!
We had about 260 people celebrate our commitment to each other and we loved every second of it. The room was filled with people we love and people who love and support us. To have so many people join us on our day was humbling and I could not not smile! Here are some picture from the evening...

Overall, the wedding was the best night of our life! Great family, great friends, amazing time! We wouldn't change a thing about the night! Thanks to all of our friends and families who made it so special!

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