Friday, January 10, 2014

The week from Arctic Hell....

Ah, what a week it has been! TGIFF (Thank God it’s f-ing Friday).

Columbus, OH has had some of its coldest temperatures in YEARS (much like the rest of the country) and on top of that, the heat in our house went out for those coldest days. I spent lots of time snuggled under about 6 fleece blankets and wondering why the hell we live in Ohio. Even our half-husky dog was too cold! That’s saying a lot.

Downtown Columbus also had a water line break which affected much of the downtown area including my office. We had our first “adult snow-day” which meant I spent most of the day working from home and snuggled under those 6 fleece blankets. I have a feeling this week is one of those weeks that I will look back on when I’m 70 and say “remember when?” Making memories whether they are good or bad, I guess.

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2014 has not had the greatest start to say the least. It hasn’t been just about the weather, but so many other things happening in life. So my question is, is this a sign for what is to come in 2014? Or can things only go up from here? I hope things can only go up from here or else I’m in for one hell of a year.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! And remember to always be kind, everyone is fighting some sort of battle...whether you can see it or not. 

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