Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing...Mrs Wagner

After much time, thought, and consideration...I finally came up with a blog name and created my very first blog. Go me! I have love, love, loved, reading blogs after my bestie Megan (It's Good to be Queen) began hers a few months ago. So my first blog post will be a little bit about me!

So...Hi everyone! I am in my early 20's and just got married a liiiittle over a month ago. More about the wedding (and honeymoon) later!
(this is me and Mr Wagner, Hi!)

My new and fabulous husband is just wonderful. He makes me laugh all the time and is honestly one of the most caring and special people I have ever met. More on this special fella later...

I currently work at Veeam Software as the Americas Events Assistant. I plan regional events in the West Coast, Canada, and Latin America. It's a pretty fun and 'event'ful job. Ha, get it. ;)

Mr Wagner and I live in Downtown Columbus in the Victorian Village/Short North area. We absolutely LOVE it here. Mr Wagner and I have put a lot of T.L.C into our little home and we are very excited about it. Also, the location is great. We are just a short walk away from the Short North and Arena District. It is a really great place to start our life together, it's small but cozy ;).

I am originally from Canfield, OH (where?!?), it's right outside of Youngstown, OH and I loved growing up there. It is a smaller town and is filled with my great family and some wonderful friends. I really love it there but I am happy I ended up where I am.

I am a family girl. I love my family to death and really wish they lived closer to Columbus. My parents are really wonderful people and I love them very much. I have an older brother and sister and they have been great role models for me growing up. Mr Pauley just graduated law school and Ms Pauley lives in Maryland working for the government. They are two special people.

The fam at Mr Pauley's Law School Graduation

God has also bleased with a wonderful "In-Law" family. I am so fortunate to have these wonderful people in my life and I love them all!

An oldie but a good picture of the Zimmerman's, Wagner's, and (future) Youngberg's. My sis-in-law organized this picture for her Dad and Jessica as a Christmas gift. Not pictured: Jay and Jessica

Less than a year ago, we adopted the sweetest pup and we are so fortunate to have her in our life. Her name is Ms. Hannah B (for Banana) Wagner. We aren't exactly sure what she is but whatever she is, she is one gorgeous and sassy pup. She has many, many nicknames...Han-Banan, Naner, Hanner-Nanner, Nan, Schweet bayybayy, little butt-hole (the sass in her), and many, many more. The funny thing is, she answers to every single one of these names! She truly is a special pup and I love her so so so much! Check the picture out below and see if you can figure out what breeds are in the precious pup.

More about this sweet pup in a later post!

Onto my friends...I cannot express how much I love and value the friendships I have made in my 20+ years of life. I have some really awesome friends! I have kept in touch with many of my friends from home and have made some really great friends in Columbus. One thing is true: I love each and every friend and how unique each of them and our relationships together are.

Well, that is all from me for now! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay for the first blog post!!!! :D :D :D I like it! Can't wait to read more.


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