Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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It is no secret how much I love dogs, especially my little Hannah, so this week I am dedicating this post to my favorite dog quotes and images! I realize that the majority of my posts are about either my hubby or my dog. What can I say though, they are the two loves of my life!

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puppy's hate baths! at least mine does :)

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Every doggie parent should read and live by these!

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Adoption :)
I'm a huge advocate of adopting dogs. We adopted Hannah from the Franklin County Animal Shelter and we are so happy that we chose to do that. She was on super-sale since she was a full grown dog who had made her way back to the shelter a few times. She was adopted from the shelter, then ran away and the owners never came to pick her back up. Their loss is our gain. She is an amazing dog who has been through a lot. I think that just makes her more appreciative of the love we have and give to her!

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Hannah is highly offended if you call her fat! ;)

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so true :)

This post makes me want to go home and hug and love on my pup! If you have a dog out there, go home and give them some extra loving tonight. I'm sure they will love you right back!

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