Monday, November 14, 2011

Productive Weekend!

And it is the start to another work week, *sigh*, but I had quite the productive weekend so the start of this week seems much more do-able now.
We started out the weekend on Friday night by celebrating Kevin and Megan’s birthday at Dave and Busters. I had never been there before and my expectations were met plus some! We ate some tastey food and drank even tastier beer (mmm yuengling!), we then hit up the games! I love playing arcade-like games and to top it all off; I won the jack-pot on one of the games and got 1000 tickets! That’s right, 1000 tickets! It’s safe to say I was a lot more pumped about it than anyone else around me and bragged to many people who did not care, but hey! I never win games so I was so excited. Jas and I got Megan and Kevin some little gifts since it was their bday then we got a Stewie doll for Hannah and a blow-up hammer toy! I proceeded to hit anything and everything around me.

Saturday – My mom came to visit! We went shopping down in the Short North and got some goodies! She spoils me too much ;). I always love visits from my mom and wished she lived much closer to me so I appreciate every little minute we get to spend together!
State of Lace Dress
I got this cute little dress from Francesca's!

Love my mom! Thanks for coming to Cbus to visit :)

Sunday – Sunday was the besties birthday!! To celebrate, we headed to the Jeffersonville Outlets and did some shopping damage! We both had high hopes to be productive and I would say we accomplished our goals! Megan got some goodies for her home (an amazing bedspread from Pottery Barn), some Christmas gifts for her family, and some goodies for herself! I got about 85% of our Christmas shopping done. It is Nov. 14 and we have almost all of our shopping done. Boo-yah! I also got some little goodies for myself too ;)
Factory waffled zip sweater
Got this cute and comfy sweater from the J. Crew outlet
Factory lace love tank
As well as this little tank!

Two of my favorite people to buy for are my two adorable little nephews, Kade and Quinn! I love, love, love little baby outfits and I love baby Christmas outfits even more! Check some out the cuteness I got for them!

Stripe Sweater Hat
cute little Santa hat for Quinn!

And this adorable sleep outfit for Kader-tot! "I'm a crack up"

Overall the weekend was a huge success. Got to celebrate two birthdays, a visit from my mom and got to almost finish all of our Christmas shopping! I am so ready for some Thanksgiving feasting and to start decorating for Christmas! Yay holidays!

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  1. I would agree it was a very good weekend, for you & me both :) Thanks for making the birthday celebrate & day so special. I'm glad we got so much accomplished and I will say I'm jealous that you are pretty much done with Christmas shopping and we still have a month & a half to go! Lol.


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