Thursday, June 21, 2012

Title Change!

Notice any changes in this little blog of mine?? I got a new name! *high five*
The bestie and I were sitting around watching tv last night while the guys were being active and rock climbing and I said “Hey, should I change my blog title since in a few weeks I will no longer be a “newlywed”? We decided that I should then the hard part came when we had to THINK of a name. How in the world was I going to think of something!? I could barely think of “It’s a Newlywed Life” let alone a whole new blog title. The challenges of life, right? Anyways, luckily Megan is super creative and came up with “Young Love and the City” and I knew that just HAD to be my new title. I ended up dropping the “Young” in the name because I hope to have this blog for the long haul and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m not going to be young forever! So rather than risk the chance of changing this little blog’s name again, I just made it “Love + the City”.
So many (or just two) of you may wonder “Hey, what’s the meaning behind the name?” Well folks, it’s pretty simple. The hubs and I are in love (sappy romance) and we LOVE living in downtown Columbus, hence “Love + the City”. We live in the Victorian Village/Short North area in Columbus and could not be more in love with the area. We have sacrificed potentially having a newer/nicer apartment in the suburbs of C-bus for a small, not so nice apartment right in the city and it is perfect for us.

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So, cheers the new blog title! Maybe one day if I get real into blogging I’ll have someone fancy it up for me! But for now, you’ll have to deal with my photoshop/paint shop art. ;)

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