Friday, June 15, 2012

Guess who's back...

Back again? Shady's back, tell a friend.
(had to get that out of my system...)

So, whoa, guess who made a comeback to blogland. This girl *thumbs pointing to me*
Cuuute, right? ;)

Ok, ok, here is a “normal” me
I haven’t posted anything since, hmm, about the January time frame? Wowzers (yep, I just said that). So the reasons for my hiatus are:
A.      I really didn’t don't have the time to post everyday and I thought you had to to be a blogger. 
B.      Most everything I do is with this girl (my bff) and she blogs about our adventures AND she is really good at blogging soooor I'll just be linking to her blog when we do cool shiz that you might want to hear about (which is everyday, duh)!
C.      I suck at blogging (see below for explanation)
So why start up again? Well for one, I love reading people’s blogs. It’s a good way to learn about other people from around the Columbus area (and find good activities to do with my hubby and friends!). I also love learning about people from other states, seeing what they are like and learning that people from Utah, Texas, Kentucky, etc really aren’t that different from me (except for the occasional “ya’ll” and cowboy boot outfits) aaaaand because I feel like a total creep when I know a lot about other bloggers and they don’t know I exist (that puts me at the TOP of creeper status, all I’m missing are some binoculars) so I feel like I should give this blog thing another go and give others a chance to get to know me!
Another reason of why I stopped is because I felt like a blogger fail. I didn’t don’t think I am all that good about expressing myself through writing. I have a big background in blogging/writing but that was in sports so when it comes to writing about me, I suck. I set so many “rules” about how a blogger should blog but then I thought to myself, there are no rules to blogging. It is my own blog and whether people read it or not is not a goal for me. My goal is to create a “diary” of sorts for me to look back on and reminisce. Don’t get me wrong, I would loooove for some people to find me interesting enough to read, but that isn’t my #1 goal.
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So, here is my first post on my take-two blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS - Should I change my blogger name since in about a month I will no longer be a "newlywed"??.....let's not get ahead of ourselves, here. I just got back into the swing of things ;).

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