Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arch Enemy of Household Cleanliness

So my sister has this pup named Gidget (gidgy for short)….
As a puppy

….And this pup is a real cutie!

But, she was saved from Pet Land and we thiiink she might be an in-bred pup.
You see Gidgy is not the brightest tool in the tool shed.
Example: We let her outside to go potty and she comes inside and….goes potty on the floor. We think she has a vendetta against my dad (or does my dad have a vendetta again Gidgy?)
Either way, Gidgy and Dad aren’t the best of friends.
Yesterday, while I was focusing on some work… I got this email from my dad with subject line:

“Arch Enemy of Household Cleanliness”

And this was the photo attached……  

With the photo caption “SheDevil”.

Gidgy has done it again. Her mission in life is to drive my dad crazy….and it’s working....


  1. AHAHAHAH Gidge vs Greggy! lol. Love that email.

  2. Hahaha this still cracks me up! But she is not a SheDevil! Or the arch enemy of household cleanliness because right after this picture big bub peed all over the cushions in front of the window!!


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